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Pain affects all of us at some point, and for most this is attributed to a certain event or incident and easily recovered from. For some however this pain can be chronic, and be part of a lifelong medical diagnosis or degenerative in nature. When this is the case, long term plans and pain management need to be put into place. If the though of medication is one that you are not keen on, Acupuncture may offer the answer.

There have been many studies on Acupuncture and its use for painful and longstanding conditions that show it can offer a real alternative to taking medication – -which very often comes with a whole host of side effects and negative impact on your well being. Because Acupuncture is non-medicinal and a natural approach, there are no side effects; usually the only side effect that people report is feeling more relaxed and getting a good nights sleep.

Acupuncture works to help your body unlock its ability help itself to heal and regain balance when this has been lost to ill health. Needles can be inserted to the areas that are causing pain and discomfort, healing to ease and relax the skin and fascia that are very often tight and constricted, adding to the levels of pain. Working with Traditional Chinese Medicine channel theories, needles will also be placed in different areas of the body that will affect the body as a whole, as well as still being able to target the problem areas.

Generally once we have achieved a desired level of comfort with your treatments, we can move to maintenance treatments, which can often times be as much as 6 months apart.

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