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Acupuncture can help reduce stress throughout any fertility treatment which can assist in a successful outcome. Preparing for IVF To obtain the greatest benefit from acupuncture we recommend starting treatment 3-4 months before your IVF cycle is due to commence.

Acupuncture treatments over this time aim to regulate natural hormonal balance and improve blood flow to the womb. Acupuncture seeks to improve the environment in which eggs mature, regulate the menstrual cycle and can reduce stress levels. Classical acupuncture calls this “creating a warm womb“.

Acupuncture support during IVF In the “down-regulation” phase of IVF the possible side effects of medication (such as headaches, nausea, hot flushes, mood swings) may be alleviated by acupuncture treatment.

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During the “up-regulation” phase the treatments focus more upon stimulating blood supply to the womb, to support follicle growth, thickening of the womb lining, and helping you stay relaxed to reduce possible release of “stress” hormones which may have a negative effect on the success of the IVF.

Acupuncture at embryo transfer Clinical studies have shown that appropriate acupuncture treatment around the time of transfer can significantly increase the chance of embryo implantation and full term pregnancy, and ease anxiety and stress you may feel during the transfer.

Post transfer Acupuncture can be beneficial just after transfer to maintain a healthy pelvic blood supply, and to help anxiety.

Following a positive pregnancy test we may recommend continuing acupuncture to support during the first trimester in certain circumstances. Male infertility Research suggests that acupuncture can improve sperm quality and motility.